Tenant Information

Who is responsible for shoveling snow from the sidewalks and parking lots in and around the office building?

Mann Properties provides snow removal services for parking areas when snow accumulation is two inches or more, this includes removing snow from all parking lots and sidewalks.

The air conditioning doesn’t seem to be operating correctly. Who is responsible for repairs?

Tenants are responsible for maintenance on items such as air conditioning, heating, ventilating, plumbing and other utility services. This includes preventative maintenance checks and repairs. Because we want to help you keep your equipment running in tip-top shape, we require that you hire a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for an annual check up. The report on that check up should be provided to Mann Properties. If you need a referral for this service, please call Mann Properties at 317.849.0452.

What maintenance responsibilities do tenants have?

Tenants are responsible for almost everything inside the building – from windows to electrical systems to interior walls and doors. Tenants also are responsible for the cost of any maintenance, repair or replacement of interior items.

The roof on the building appears to be damaged. Will Mann Properties provide an inspection?

Absolutely. Mann Properties will hire a contractor to inspect the roof and make any necessary repairs. In fact, Mann Properties does regular inspections of building exteriors to try to prevent any problems and keep its properties in excellent condition. You can report any problems with the building to ccleveland@mann-properties.com or by calling 317.849.0452.

Who is responsible for lawn care and other exterior maintenance?

Mann Properties provides lawn care and exterior maintenance so that the appearance of your office space is as attractive as possible – for you, your employees and your customers. Mann Properties provides landscaping services, lighting and maintenance of any retention ponds and other common areas, including driveways and access roads. If you have any concerns about the condition of these areas, please send an e-mail to ccleveland@mann-properties.com or call 317.849.0452.

Am I responsible for trash removal?

Yes. The tenant is responsible for all utility services; this includes all hook-up fees, transfers and removal for water, electricity, gas, telephone and sanitary and storm sewer or well and septic systems. If you would like information on local companies that provide any of these services, call 317.849.0452.

Because our business is growing and changing, we’d like to make some structural changes to the interior of the building. What kind of approvals do I need from Mann Properties?

Of course Mann Properties wants to help its tenants succeed any way we can, but we also want to ensure that any changes made to the building are within building guidelines and meet specific codes. For that reason, we require that all alterations and additions be approved in writing by Mann Properties. And, if you’re unsure how you want to change or expand your space, we can help you make those improvements. Simply e-mail ccleveland@mann-properties.com or call 317.849.0452. We’re here to help you be successful.

Does Mann Properties provide security?

Yes. As part of your maintenance fee, security officers check buildings and grounds from dusk until dawn at most Mann Properties. Security officers ensure that there are no broken windows or forced entry and question any people in the parking lot. Security can also provide an escort service if needed. Although we hope you’ll never have a problem, security officers can help you report any vandalism or other crime-related activity. For more information call 317.849.0452.